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Cast of Stage Wars
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shem and TJ Chat 1

Shem: I can't help it. I arrive at play practice early. I have my lines memorized. I—

TJ: Don't have a life.

Shem: What d'ya mean?

TJ: You can't live and eat theater.

Shem: Why not?

TJ: There's got to be other things too.

Shem: Sure. I eat. Love pizza. (shrugs) Work in the apple orchard sometimes.

TJ: And for fun—?

Shem: Dragoon's Palace is the place I want to be. Unless, of course, it's the last two weeks before a show. Then I want to be at McBride Theater. Nowhere else.

TJ: Ah, Shembo.

Shem: Don't start that Shembo stuff again.

TJ: I can't believe you're forgetting the really big zippity-do-dah thing in our lives right now.

Shem: You're not talking about girls, are you?

TJ: Nope.

Shem: (thinks) Christmas auditions?

TJ: NO! You know... (looks over his shoulder making sure no one is listening) Time Spinner.

Shem: Oh, that.

TJ: Oh, that. Oh, that!!!!!

(Shem laughs)

TJ: So...what are we going to do about it?

Shem: Nothing.

TJ: Nothing? You've got to be kidding.

Shem: Why? You feeling like puking all over someone?

TJ: (grimaces) Not especially.

Shem: Well, then, it's settled.

TJ: You're no fun.

Shem: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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