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Cast of Stage Wars
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Question for Cammie 1

Do you like being in a production with your brother?

Cammie laughs loudly.

Would you want to be in a show with your show-off brother? I mean, he's so competitive about getting the part he wants. He can't hardly eat or sleep days before auditions. Then after auditions? He clenches his jaw and gets a super-scary intense-looking face, and he just sits there brooding. We live on an apple orchard, and we both have chores to do. But he wants to sit there and think about what he could have done better at auditions. Not me. I go to auditions, try out the very best I can, then pretty much, I forget about it until Monday morning when Mrs. Dragoon posts the Cast List on the theater's red door. 

But . . . once practices actually start, I don't mind having my brother in the show with me. We both love Youth Theater, and it's fun to see him become another character. I had a blast playing the part of Jester in Island of Shalamar. And I can't wait until next spring when I'll try out for the next GBCA production. In the mean time, I hear there's a Christmas play going on for our youth group at church. Maybe, I'll try out for that. 

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  1. Oh, Cammie, I got a chuckle out of your response. You and your brother are so much fun to watch in our shows. You must have a lot of laughs going on at your house.