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Cast of Stage Wars
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Debz and Claire Chat 1

Debz: How's your story coming along?

Claire: Good. I decided to put you in my book.

Debz: What???

Claire: Yeah, well, since Shem, TJ, Mista, and I are in it, I thought you should be there too.

Debz: Thanks, but who's Mista?

Claire: Oh, she's, uh, well, you know. I named the book after her.

Debz: A fictional character, right?

Claire: You could say that. Kind of like . . . she's out of this world.

Debz: Yeah, I like characters in books or plays like that. You know, the ones who really stick with you and make you think about their world.

Claire: Mista is just such a character. In fact, her name's in the title: A Time for Mista.

Debz: I remember you telling us that. Is she a princess or something?

Claire: No, she's an ordinary girl. Shem says she kind of looks like me.

Debz: How would he know?

Claire: Oh, well, I mean, in the story, you know. (laughs self-consciously)

Debz: And Shem is...

Claire: Shemtron. The hero. He's a knight, really. Stands for honor and justice and all that good stuff.

Debz: Shemtron. (giggles) I can't wait to read it.

Claire: Yeah, that's what everybody says.

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  1. Claire, we have enjoyed having you audit out class. I'm eager to read your book! Do you have a character named Mrs. Dragoon, by any chance?